Final Edinburgh Show Log

Posted by on Aug 28, 2011

Shows We’ve Done

1) Some Like it Improvised:

A Naval mechanic  has his life turned upside down when a nosy dame of a reporter barges onto his ship.

2) Some Like it Improvised:

The owner and chief engineer of a railway comes into heated conflict with a schoolteacher, on her way to meet her fiance’. But a presidential decree from former President Teddy Roosevelt forces them to learn to like each other.


Three stories from a German family wiling away their nighttime hours. In this show there were stories of an elf who decides to live as a human, a beautiful girl who eats only sugarcakes, and a land where there are far more parents than children. Also, there were wizards and rat chefs.

4) Some Like it Improvised:

Gwen Peters, a successful dentist, runs into trouble when her ex-husband Harry rolls back into town to marry his new ditzy fiance’, Petunia. A colorful cast of characters, including Harry’s soft-spoken brother, a bartender named Allen, and an alligator round out the cast.

5) Story From Scratch:

The story of a misunderstand, and yes, magical Gypsy family that goes from town to town, always fleeing when their candy shop is burned down. This was the story of how they finally fit in.


The German family returns: stories of a man who named everything in the world (and turned his wife into a rose), a war between happy & sad people, 5 children in Heaven with one wish each, and a rainbow bear. Yes.

7) French Farce:

A young newlywed couple turns out to not be wed at all. Trying to seem upper-class, they support a live-in opera singer named Aria, hire a portraitist, and order a gold-encrusted table. When the lady of the house learns that she’s not married, all chaos breaks loose.

8) French Farce:

A family hires a math tutor for their daughter, in the hopes that her intelligence will win her a rich husband. But he teaches them a math lesson they won’t soon forget.

9) Some Like it Improvised:

Dianne Darcy, a wealthy young woman moonlighting as a swim instructor, meets a rich philanthropic gent who is literally too good to be true.

10) Villainy

A new teacher, Max Peterson, comes to the small town of Landsey. At times friendly, at times overly strict, it quickly becomes apparent that he doesn’t quite fit in. Haunted by the memories and voices of his family, Max tries desperately to hang onto rules and order.

11) French Farce

The patriarch of the family is desperate to marry off his daughter, BuBu, to a rich man, so that he might cease working and be a gentleman of leisure. So he lines up three suitors: an Italian, an Englishman, and a German, each worse than the last. This show is notable for Kaci’s potentially offensive but ultimately audience-slaying portrayal of an Englishman.

12) A Story From Scratch

The first scene starts with a man shot dead. He’s come down from the mountains after being banished for 30 years. We flash back to his arrival in the town. We witness the town’s distrust of strangers, and how this man’s arrival affects various townfolk. Our show with the most “dramatic” moments.


Another night with the German family. We heard three stories… The one where a spool of thread, a goat, and piece of soap live together… the one where a poor family is warned by the Virgin Mary not to eat the bread they found in the road, for it was the body of Christ… and the one where some poor, abused children were tricked by an immortal fox into being its supper until Jesus came down and rescued them, giving them the fox to eat slowly instead. And that doesn’t even nearly begin to cover the craziness of the show. There was a lot of blood and death.


Our 2nd night in a row with the peasants. Aunt Katcha started off with an epic tale of deer people, grandfather told a story about a king who went to war against his own people, Heinrich enthralled us with the story of of the ant and the leaf, and Heidel rounded things off with a cheerful story about Jesus, a peppermint, and a cake.

15) Some Like it Improvised

Dean Bravo, the headmaster of elite prep school, is very very hard on everyone… students, teachers, and his mother alike. But all i s not well at the school. The State Inspector (his former girlfriend) threatens to shut the school down unless Dean can revamp the entire curriculum on a 2 day camping trip… with none other than the new art teacher, who has a mind of her own, and a strong will to match Dean’s.

16) French Farce

A family’s grandfather has died (his ashes placed in an urn with an eye carved on it), and the grandmother is determined to see her grandchildren married before she dies. As she tries to marry them off, her murderous tendencies come to light.

17) Villainy

A child’s father is murdered on Christmas day, while he dressed as Santa Claus. This leads her developing an unreasonable hatred of all things Christmas later on in life. Some people start to die, while she struggles to escape the past.


Our final GRIMM show of the Fringe, and probably the craziest. Heinrich told a story about a boy wandering into a forest to find something interesting, and returning with Christianity. Grandfather revealed the origin of the postal service. And finally, at Heidel’s request, Aunt Katcha told a story involving lots of blood and children.

19) Some Like It Improvised

James Murdoch, a clockmaker, finds out that his ex-wife is getting married to a blustery Texan (named Tex). Along with his girlfriend Bubbles, he makes his way to Tex’s ranch to see what can be done to stop the wedding.

20) French Farce

A husband and wife live unhappily together. The husband distracts himself by hunting mice. The wife distracts herself by inviting her brother Jacques to come live with them. Their servant Gretta is abused by all, even though Jacques is secretly in love with her. When Jacques’s English fiance’ and her father come to visit, chaos ensues.

Shows We’ve Seen

Titus Andronicus, by Action to the Word

An edgy version of Titus Andronicus, with “goth” music and attire, and lots of blood.

The Boy James, by Belt Up

A young, imaginative boy invites us into his flights of whimsy, while at the same time struggling with growing up.

What Goes Up, by Passive-Aggressive Productions

a light and poignant little piece about a boy, his mother, and her odd “male friend” vacationing in Wales.

To Hold an Apple, by The Throes Theater Company

A scripted play about 3 master improvisers taking on the mantles of their favorite artists and struggling with artistic endeavors vs. friendship.

Spent, by Why Not Theatre / TheatreRUN / Theatre Smith-Gilmour

A highly physical 2 person sketch show from Canada about the economy. Alternates between being fast-paced and being silent & slow.

The Fitzrovia Radio Hour

Delightful comedic old-timey radio show with sound effects done by the performers. Much like Violet Crown or Intergalactic Nemesis.

Pretty Little Panic, by The Cambridge Footlights

Fun and frivolous sketch comedy by a four person group from The Cambridge Footlights

My Best Friend Drowned in a Swimming Pool, by Sunday’s Child

an original Irish production  about friends dealing with the sudden death of a friend. Also, there’s dancing.

Choose Death

A pretty hilarious sketch show on death, clearly inspired by Monty Python. Also featuring some pretty awesome American accents.

Excess Baggage, Rebel Base Productions

Basically an episode of a British SitCom. A newlywed couple waits for their plane, and freaks out a bit when an old man leaves a piece of luggage with them.

Unanswered, We Ride, by Theatre Daedalus

A heartbreaking journey through the loss of a child, and how people deal with grief. Fantastic. Best thing we’ve seen at the Fringe so far.

Pajama Man: In the Middle of No One

Really funny 2 person sketch comedy, maybe more like sketchprov. Largest show we’ve seen yet (250+), and some very fun standout bits ( the Do-Me Bird, and the marionettes spring to mind). Reminded me of Airplane, 3-for-All, and FrankenMatt at different times.

A Clockwork Orange, by Action to the Word

A staged adaptation of the book, by the same team that did Titus. All-male, sexy, with lots of physical choreography.

Musicbox, the Improvised Musical

A whimsical and fun show set at a carnival (Kaci’s suggestion). We’ll never forget the monkey song.

Ibsen’s Hedda Gabler, by Palindrome Theatre

Yay! Our fellow Austinites’ production of this classic play, in The Hill Street Theatre. 90 minutes, which is long by Fringe standards, believe it or not.

3D Hamlet: A Lost Generation

This show is crazy for several reasons. 1) Technology is integrated throughout, including Facebook status, iPhones, surveillance footage, and yes, a somewhat 3-D play within a play. 2) It’s got famous people rotating into it, both live and pre-recorded. Anthony Rapp and Scott Adsit were there when we saw it. And of course, Alec Baldwin plays the ghost of the king. The acting of most of the live performers was quite good. Everything else was a bit much. Still, very interesting.

Ukulele Cabaret

5 ukulele acts compete against each other on a given night. The highlight of when we saw it was “Hamlet House of Horror”, who were coming in to give us a sampler of their show.

The Secret of Monkey Island

A live, original adaptation of the classic video game. Okay, so it was terrible. But we had to see it.

Channel Hopping

Bristol based improv group doing improv games, followed by a longform narrative, all with a TV-based frame

Deemed Unsafe

Lively sketch comedy. Their physical stuff was really, really fun.

Showstopper: The Improvised Musical

Really amazing, slickly produced improvised musical, straight from The West End. A Director leads 6 actors through a brand new musical, all the while throwing in different styles of musicals at them. They rolled with all the punches brilliantly, and still managed to be playful while doing it.

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