The Best Possible Audience Review

Posted by on Aug 23, 2011

Okay, I’m not gonna lie. Doing the Fringe is amazing, and getting to perform this many shows is doubly so.

But sometimes, when it’s raining, and no one wants our flyers, and we haven’t eaten in hours, it can feel like a bit of a slog.

We recently sent out postcards with pictures of stuff we’ve been too busy to actually explore. We’re not here to be tourists. We’re here to do shows, fill shows, and to do anything at all to get our unwieldy name out there.

Review-wise, we’ve been largely ignored by the major review sites.

But all of that is OKAY. Because by and large, our audiences leave very happy. And today we got the best possible audience review on Seriously, have a peak:

Reviewed by Richard M

Best thing I saw at the festival!


Improvised comedy theatre was a genre which I previously wouldn’t go within a mile of. But we said that whoever canvassed us first we would attend their show irregardless. What an eye opener! Fantastic acting, genuinely funny and a joy to watch the story unfold. Brilliant!

Good Points: Really good fun!
Bad Points: It was the first thing I saw at the festival (18th August), giving me unrealistically high expectations and making everything else seem disappointing by comparison!

Reasons why this is the best review ever:

  1. We don’t know this guy at all.
  2. He hated improv comedy, and we changed his mind.
  3. He had the guts to see the first thing offered to him, which is definitely in the spirit of improv, and Yes, And.
  4. The show he saw was our open-ended format… Just PGraph doing what we do without any particular genre.
It’s reading stuff like this that makes this whole trip worth it. Thanks, Richard M!

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