The Reverend Is Coming To Town

Posted by on Dec 29, 2011

Beware the Reverend and his three cohorts. They travel from town to town, claiming to be good Christian men and women, selling miracle medicine and telling great and entertaining tales of woe! But do not be deceived by them! They are liars and thieves, every last one. Reverend Joseph Goodman is not a man of the Bible! Doctor Percival Sharpe has no accredited degree! Charlotte Payne is a black widow and Bess Davies has not been redeemed! THEY ARE NOT TO BE TRUSTED!

For your amusement and informament, dear readers, here is the press release for our latest offering:

Starting on Friday, January 6th at 10pm at The Hideout Theatre, local improv favorites Parallelogramophonograph present their latest format and brand new show Reverend Goodman’s Cure-All Elixir Traveling Revue. Taking inspiration from several sources including vaudeville, medicine and side shows, tent-revivals, laughing gas demonstrations, and more – you’ll be transported back to 1909 and at the behest of Reverend Joseph Goodman (Kareem Badr) and his cohorts Dr. Percival Sharpe (Roy Janik), The Widow Charlotte Payne (Valerie Ward), and Bess Davies, the Redeemed Lady (Kaci Beeler).

The charming quartet will ply you with a miracle cure-all elixir (the likes of which holds enumerable exotic ingredients to be revealed to you in greatest secrecy), great and entertaining tales of woe, morality, and redemption, and other flights of fancy, contests, dazzlements, and the gilding on top of the brass – the good Reverend just might save your soul before the night is through!

It is recommended to bring a full purse or pocket book. Precious metals, gems, and especially nice buttons and ribbons also accepted as payment for miracles and soul-healing. No refunds.


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