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Posted by on Jun 22, 2012

Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 3.33.26 PMKaci here with a little London Trip Re-Cap!

We went to the UK for 12 days earlier this month to teach and perform our special brand of improvised theatre. We spent most of our time in London, but also had jaunts down to Brighton and over to Bristol.
We were able to arrange this trip because these people had all seen us in Edinburgh and liked the work we did. It’s amazing…every step into the unknown has brought us innumerable surprises after the fact.

We had the most gracious hosts you can imagine at every destination. We stayed with some very lovely people – Jonathan & Jinni, and their two flatmates in a 4-story flat in Tooting Bec. It was our “home base” for the entire trip, and so, so refreshing to return to. We took the tube or the train everywhere we needed to go. We performed 3 shows, one at London’s Slapdash Festival of Improvisation (which we were invited to by the smashing Jules Munns), one in Jonathan Monkhouse’s weekly Wednesday show at The Miller, and one with The Maydays at The Little Marlborough Theater in Brighton (which was put together by the charming Heather Urquhart).

We taught workshops and coaching sessions that were tailored to individual groups as well as workshops open to the public. They mostly all featured exercises in performing narrative improvisation (improv that tells a longer story throughout the course of a show), but also some individualized techniques. All said and done we taught for a total of 26 hours while we were in the UK.

So yes, it was a bit of a working vacation, but it was all very fulfilling and fun work. We couldn’t have done it without the generosity and openness of all the lovely UK improvisers we met. They were a joy to teach, very much jumping full-force into every exercise we threw at them. We had countless chats at pubs after every event. We drank countless bottles of Crabbies Alcoholic Ginger Beer.

We also had some free time to take in some local sights. A day in Brighton to explore the seaside. A few days in London to take in some sights including Covent Garden, Parliament, Big Ben, The National Gallery and The National Portrait Gallery, The Victoria & Albert Museum, afternoon tea, more pub time, a West End show called “Posh” which was so very well done and compelling from start to finish.

We also got some very nice reviews. One from a random reviewer, 4 stars from Remote Goat seen here. And one very lovely write-up by a fellow improviser who saw our Villainy show and took our workshop in Brighton.

We made such amazing friends on our trip, solidifying contacts we’d made briefly in Edinburgh into becoming real friendships and real connections. That probably sounds cheesy or overly emotional, but I really loved getting to know Jon, Jinni, Andy Yeoh, Andrew Gentilli, Jules & Judith, Heather, and so many others. It was really fucking cool.

We’ll definitely be back one day, and several of them will probably come to Austin in the next year or so, too! (I hope we can be as good of hosts to them as they were to us!)

Now, some pictures!

Roy, myself, Valerie, and Kareem in front of The National Gallery.

Afternoon Tea with a French twist at Laduree in Covent Garden.

A snapshot from the audience during our French Farce at The Miller.

Always on The Tube!

Posing with our Narrative Intensive group in London after two days and twelve total hours of improv exercises together.

And with this we have traveled to over 30 different cities together as an improv troupe!

More! More! More!

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