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Do It Now: Essays on Narrative Improv 

From the back cover: 

"When improv quartet Parallelogramophonograph (PGraph for short) embarked on their narrative improv journey in Austin, TX in 2005, they had no idea they were about to spend over a decade learning and discovering how to create fully improvised plays on the spot. This mini-book is filled with several short essays by members of PGraph - all on improv theories and techniques designed to help make narrative improv more fun, accessible, and attainable."


80 pages

$15 US & Canada / $17 International

(prices include shipping)

The print edition of our book is currently SOLD OUT. Use the link below to purchase a Kindle e-book.

For bulk orders, please fill out our bulk order form.


Also available as an e-book from Amazon 


“PGraph is nationally and internationally known as a great genre improv ensemble lauded for their theatricality, playfulness, and originality. Read this book if you want to know the keys to their artistic process, style, and vision.”

Jonathan Pitts, Co-Founder of Chicago Improv Festival

“PGraph is among the very best in the world at delivering consistent, quality Narrative, Longform Improvisation to a wide variety of audiences.”

Joe Bill, Improviser, Teacher, Coach at iO Chicago

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